Do not know how to clean the pool before filling it? Quiet is not complicated, and you have to follow a series of steps to be able to do it correctly.

Cleaning the pool is something that is not done every day. He often asks us what products they should use, whether to wash it full or empty, how to clean the edge of the pool, etc …

Next, Cleaning and Pool Professionals how those of Presupuestalia will give you the necessary steps to clean the pool properly. Let’s go …

Before cleaning the pool

The very first point you have to know is what materials the pool is made of. To clean the pool and not leave any stain or other damage that you should repair later, you must know the exact material from which the coating was built to be able to apply one or another cleaning product.

The materials can be from tile, concrete, tiles, steel, polyester, PVC, etc … If you are not sure what material it is, we recommend that you contact a Professional construction pool to make sure before you start cleaning the swimming pool.

Safety to start cleaning the pool

Before getting down to work, we recommend that you use all the necessary elements to avoid any mishap.

Use glasses, masks, boots, gloves, jackets, sun protection and a hat to protect you from the chemicals of the sun’s rays.

The splash in the eyes with chemicals and slips are the most common accidents among professionals in the pool, so we recommend maximum caution when you are cleaning the pool.

How To Clean The Empty Pool

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