The Zealandia - Click to enlargeBuilt for the Shaw Saville line in 1869, an iron clad Clipper at 1116 tons, she made her first voyage to Auckland on the October 15th 1874 under Captain Sellars.

Under the command of Captain Henry Rose, she made a very good run of 84 days from Gravesend to Lyttelton, arriving on the November 20th 1869.

The Zealandia was a beautiful ship specially designed for carrying passengers. She even had some special cabins for families which were unusually large, with good ventilation.

The Zealandia had an eventful career encountering fierce gales on many occasions. On one occasion whilst close hauling with the Ellen Lamb on the starboard tack, the two met about midnight as the Zealandia was running a starboard tack. The Ellen Lamb was struck about amidships, cutting her almost in two, which caused her to go down within some three minutes taking with her eight men, including the Captain.

The Zealandia, after completing 31 voyages to New Zealand, was sold to the Russians, and stranded in 1911.

Passenger list for voyage to Auckland - left London May 30th 1883.

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