Loch Awe

Built in Dundee by Gourlay Bros Shipping. In 1874, this sailing ship of 1053 tons made a record passage from Gravesend, London to Auckland in 76 days and 6 hours under the hard driving Captain Weir.

This voyage is said to have been some two years before the introduction of cable services. The first that her Auckland agents knew of her sailing was when she appeared on the Waitemata harbour, which greatly challenged the customs agents at the time.

Many a Clipper Ship in the 1870s were lightly loaded from England, and under Sir Julius Vogel's colonisation scheme, brought out 300 to 500 new immigrants on each sailing, depending on the size of the vessel.

Some years later she made the passage in 99 days. The Loch Awe was sold to a Norwegian firm and renamed the Madura, she was torpedoed by a German Submarine during WW1.

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