This fine little sailer of only 764 tons, a barque of the Shaw Savill and Albion Line, brought several thousand immigrants to Auckland between 1875 and 1895.

During this period she made nine passages from London to Auckland.

Between 1873 and 1897 she is recorded as having made 26 voyages to New Zealand. And only five exceeded 100 days.

The Glenlora had one disastrous run when she was dismasted in bad weather; and on one other occasion ran aground on Rangitoto Reef, but luckily was refloated with no damage. During her passage in bad weather, she came across the Barque der Fuchs from an Italian port. This vessel had been so badly buffeted by bad weather that she was sinking and they were much relieved when the Glenlora took her crew onboard.

On a run home to London in 1875, she was surrounded by no less than 13 icebergs, but good seamanship steered her to safer waters. After calling into Pernambuco to take on fresh water, one of the sailors fell over the cat-head while assisting to bring the anchors up. He was taken by a shark before the boat party could get to him. It is well documented that the Glenlora made many runs to New Zealand in between 80 and 90 days - quite some feat for a sailing vessel her size.

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