The Countess of Kintore
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The Countess of Kintore

This Aberdeen Clipper was built in 1866 by Duthrie, and she came out to New Zealand under charter to the Shaw Savill Company, making some fine passages for a vessel of 700 tons.

A very popular Captain, Petherbridge took command of this fine vessel from launch date and she carried hundreds of passengers to New Zealand ports as well as visiting Auckland on some seven occasions between 1868 and 1874.

It is reported that efforts were made in those days of sail to bring European birds into New Zealand and several shipments were entrusted to Captain Petherbridge, as he was known to take a personal interest in this exercise. He is known to have brought out 70 pairs of partridges, 50 rooks, sky larks, blackbirds, ushes, starlings, goldfinches and Captain Norie after him brought 13 salmon into Lyttelton.

After encountering a heavy storm in 1869, the Herald reported the arrival of the Countess in 1870 and stated "we are glad to welcome back our old friend Captain Petherbridge, who has always taken a great interest in Auckland".

The vessel had met with heavy icebergs, some 60 in 24 hours near Tasmania and the Captain and crew had seen their passengers safely through these to port.

On one run to Lyttelton in 1876, which took only 81 days, some 7 passengers had died of measles and scarlet fever, out of the 180 onboard. Photo's of this fine vessel show her clean clipper like lines.

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